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   Vice President  Dark Knight



My name is Al'Velus "Dark Knight" Sneed, I’m the Vice President of the Aberdeen Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club. I’m a retired Veteran, the Post Commander of VFW Post 6054, and the Oriental Guide for Al Nas Temple 255. I've been riding for approximately 20+ years. I joined the Buffalo Soldier for what we do; WE RIDE....City to City…..State to State…..Coast to Coast; for what we Represent…Pride…Honor for the African American Soldier and Families that fought back in the 1800’s….and for what we Believe in Giving Back and Supporting our Communities!!!




My name is Ruanda "Onyx" Sneed. My name comes from the stone - Onyx.  I enjoyed my first ride on the back of a Honda Goldwing and wanted to continue to have more wind therapy on my own ride.   I joined the Aberdeen Long Coats to assist with the mission of educating the general public about the rich history of the 9th and 10th Calvary Buffalo Soldiers through volunteering. 

 Decimus 6


Aaron "D6" Culver

2019 Harley Road Glide Ultra


I am a native of Brookhaven, MS.  I am what you might consider a thoroughbred.  Meaning, though I make Maryland my home, I am forever a Mississippi boy.  I enlisted in the Army in 1975 and served for 30 consecutive years.  I am a life member of the the USAWOA "The Quiet Professionals", life member of the Disabled American Veterans, and a life member of the Black Greek Fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi.These organizations and the Greek Fraternity are wholeheartedly about serving the community, to which, is one of the reasons I seek the "Center Man".  Soldiers are all about giving back.  The other reason is that as a veteran, I stand on the shoulders of those African American Soldiers deemed "Buffalo Soldiers" and am proud to be affiliated with the NABSTMC.


Sgt At Arms


Road Captain


Neil "P-Cola" Washington

2014 Honda Goldwing

I'm originally from Pensacola FL, now living in Aberdeen MD by way of retiring from the US Army after 20 years of service.  I joined the Aberdeen Buffalo Soldiers for all the positive reasons one can think of, such as brother and sisterhood, community service, and fellowship.  I have met a lot of great soldiers since joining the Buffalo Soldiers and plan on meeting a lot more as I ride throughout the frontiers.



Stephen "Viper6000" Height

2021 Honda Goldwing

My Birth name is Stephen B. Height Sr.  My riding name is Viper6000 given to me by my baby girl Kiara.  I'm the smooth operator of the Aberdeen Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club.  I am a retired veteran of 22 years of service in the US Army.  I was awarded the Bronze Star for exceptional service while deployed to Irag.  I am a lifetime member of the VFW Post 6054 in Aberdeen Maryland.  I am a Master Mason of Chesapeake Lodge #48 and a Noble of Al Nas Temple 255.  I ride to ride. I am know by many names. Hot mess, karate kid, dragon fly jones, 2 step, Mouth all mighty, mic man, and many more. I've been riding for 15 years.  I joined the Buffalo Soldiers for what we do for the local communities through spiritual, educational, and family support.  We represent the pride, honor, and dedication of the African American buffalo soldiers in the 9th and 10th Calvary and their families that fought back in the 1800 and early 1900's for our freedoms.



Stephen "Black" Kelly Sr

2018 Yamaha Eluder

I am born and raised on the mean streets of Aberdeen MD.  I served my country in the US Army in the signal corp as a telecom center operator.  I am a true Ravens fan and Steelers hater.  I joined the Buffalo Soldiers because I love what we stand for and everytime i put my colors on, I do with pride, representing the 9th and 10th Calvary Buffalo Soldiers. And if you don't know, you better ask somebody!

           Saftey Officer 

           Quiet Storm 


quiet storm.jpg


Rise Up



Associate Members

Historian  Vixen

           Membership Chairwoman & Webmaster


Business Manager


Vikki "Vixen" Henderson

Status: Associate Member 

Serves as Chapter Historian


Background: US Army veteran 

Retired Federal Employee

Retice "Giggles" Walker

I have been an Associate member of the Aberdeen Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers since January 2020. I am a graduate of the University of Phoenix with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice.  In my spare time, i enjoy bowling and volunteering in my community.

Bernie "HypNotic" Vauaghan

I come from a family of riders.  I was taught the skill of riding at the age of 16 by my oldest brother.  I learned how to ride from burning up the highways and byways.  I joined the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club, Aberdeen, MD "Longcoats" because I have passion for family, giving back to the community, veterans, seniors, and learning and sharing the real history of those that look like me.

It's the Aberdeen way"

Peace and Blessings,





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